Which leaders will you meet?

Maranda Ann Dziekonski
Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly

In this day and age, customer success owns so much of the life cycle that saying CS shouldn’t own a number is ludicrous.

Irit Eizips
CEO & Chief Customer Officer at CSM Practice

We conducted a survey during Q4 of 2020 at CSM Practice to evaluate whether or not there’s a correlation between health score and churn rate. What we found was that there’s no clear connection between the two.

Kristi Faltorusso
VP Customer Success at ClientSuccess

Every single team in the organization is responsible and accountable for the outcomes of the customer. Everyone needs to stop holding customer success solely accountable for that metric.

Or Guz
Director of Customer Success at PerimeterX

Many customer success leaders, may say that customer success is all about delighting the customers. While I don't disagree that it's important, if we don't want our customers to churn, we need to know how to prevent that from happening. And making the customer happy is not the way to prevent churn.

Niclas Ramon Staberg
Chief Customer Officer at Hive Streaming

I have seen companies say that they don't have any churn risk because customers are using their products a lot, and license utilization is very high.