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On-demand: Churn-Proof Customer Onboarding

Josh Phillips

Director of Sales

Saood Shah

Founder at XnO Solutions

Ready to revolutionize your customer onboarding and ensure long-term success?

Join us as we delve into empowering your business with the essential tools and knowledge required for achieving churn-proof customer onboarding in 2023. 

Our expert panelists, Saood Shah - with 18 years of Customer Success experience for SaaS B2B companies, and Josh Phillips - The Customer Hub pro who can reduce email chaos by 10X and cut onboarding time by a third, will share their wealth of knowledge gained from years of experience in the SaaS B2B world. 

Key topics covered will include:
  • yellow_bulletDelve into two indispensable rules that will redefine your onboarding strategy Orchestrate outcomes from day one & Delight customers at every touchpoint.
  • yellow_bulletUnderstand the pivotal role onboarding plays in churn rates and discover foolproof techniques to prevent customer attrition.
  • yellow_bulletGain a firsthand look at the personalized and automated onboarding process through a live showcase of EverAfter's customer hub platform