What's inside?

  • What are the best tactics to achieve a successful tech-touch strategy?
  • What are the outcomes from a successful tech-touch strategy?
  • Who and how is tech-touch content being created?

Learn from top industry leaders

Kris Okyay
Program lead - rotation at HubSpot

“Whatever you do, do it for those that like to be active in events and webinars as well as those who like to be in the background and read through your content at 2:00 AM at night.”

Brittany (Larson) Casey
Sr Customer Success Manager @ DocuSign

“When it comes to tech-touch,  weirdly enough, it's your customer who will be creating a lot of your best content.” 

Wyatt Scharf
Manager, Customer Success, Zoom

“CS teams can benefit from using proactive, scalable outreach tools and technologies combined with marketing analytical tools to effectively measure reach and activity throughout a specific targeted campaign cycle”.

Colby Kyes
Product Onboarding, Wistia

“Tech-touch engagements are an integral part of the customer journey, starting when they are evaluating our solution." We have identified a segment of our target audience that is interested in video but does not feel empowered to produce it. Our first thought was, how can we share that information with them, even if they are not yet customers, so they will trust us when the time comes.

Shachar Avrahami
VP of Product & Strategy

“In a perfect world, we give our customers the option to tell us how they would like to consume the information, and we act accordingly”.