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From product-led to customer-led journeys

Nádia Vieira

Team Manager of Global Scaled CS Program

Sara Bochino

VP of Customer Success Management

Shachar Avrahami-2
Shachar Avrahami

VP Product & Strategy

Tune in to learn from Nádia Vieira of Linkedin and Sara Bochino of Talech about customer-led journeys - a way of building experiences that prioritize the needs and preferences of your clients.

When you focus on creating customer-led journeys, you give your clients the power to determine the length, pace, and flow of their own journey based on their goals and level of engagement. This approach means that clients can choose how they want to consume content, and what parts of the journey they want to explore on their own

You'll learn:
  • purple_bulletThe benefits of a customer-led approach
  • purple_bullet How to identify your customer's needs and preferences
  • purple_bulletHow to give customers control over the pace, length and all other journey elements
  • purple_bulletTips for building a customer journey that your clients can navigate themselves