Harness the Power of Customer Hubs to achieve more with less in 2023

The world is currently experiencing a tech-slowdown, with many companies feeling the pressure to do more with less. As a result, customer success teams are being forced to operate with limited resources, and the responsibilities of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are increasing at a rapid pace. With the changing landscape of customer success, it is imperative that teams adopt a more efficient approach to their work.

In a world where the customer is queen, customer success teams are the gatekeepers of customer satisfaction and retention. The role of the CSM has become even more critical as customers expect more from their relationships with companies.

What you'll learn from the book:
  • purple_bulletHow to leverage customer hubs to achieve greater efficiency in customer success.
  • purple_bulletHow to reduce preparation time for customer meetings. 
  • purple_bulletReduce back-and-forth email communication with clients. 
  • blue_bulletHow to free up 5 hours a week per CSM by eliminating repetitive tasks and file searches