What’s in the report?

  • Customer Onboarding Trends: Predictions
  • Onboarding Best Practices
  • Key research findings from our industry survey
  • Customer success influencers' insights & tips

Featured Influencers

Matan Alperovitch
Head of RevOps @ Zesty

There are some products which are being used at the core of the business (CRM, infrastructure-related/must-have tools) so the less sticky a product is, the more impact time-to-value has on the future of the relationship, and vice versa.”

Katie Clark
Onboarding Manager @ PartnerStack

The shift from a sales-centric to customer-centric onboarding approach means finding balancing revenue-based goals and value-based goals.

Yair Bortinger
Head of Customer Success Operations @ ControlUp

Companies that want to scale quickly need to automate the onboarding processes; whether to partial or full automation.

Chase Mohseni
Head of Performance @ Pencil

Each customer has a unique challenge they face; the more personalized we get, the more lasting the activation

Gali Michaeli
VP Customer Success @ Explorium

All in all, the future of customer success lies in formalizing how to drive meaningful relationships with customers and make them cost-effective so that you can measure their impact.

Craig Jackson
Customer Success Regional Manager @ Pleo

Time-to-value is a natural metric for onboarding, specifically because the longer it takes a customer to derive value from our product, the more time they are spending questioning the purchase.