What’s in the book

  •  How do you keep your customer success team challenged, get them to think outside the box, and make them take full ownership over key aspects of the business?

  •  We've put all these great practices into one book. You can implement most of these right away.

Learn from top industry leaders

Varda Tirosh
Chief Customer Officer at Optimove

“One CSM from the team was made an SME for product recommendations. She did some amazingly creative stuff around this. The motivation of really digging into something and working with other departments, inspires them to take it to the next step”.



Shai Ritblatt
Head of Customer Success at Crowdvocate

“Every once in a while, we role-play. We asked the team about their failures and successes from the last quarter. Instead of just sharing them, we asked them to prepare a very brief overview about how they handled it”.

Ed Powers
Former VP of Client Success at Intelisecure

“Creativity shows up in the random acts of kindness.
the ones that are totally out of the blue, and show you’re a little bit more proactive than the norm”.

Chilik Hochberg
Chief Customer Officer, ezbob

“One of the hardest things to get right as a manager is to understand that people work differently.
So it's really about understanding that you might think your way, but someone can do the same thing or get a better result by doing it their way. And you should let them.”

Amit Mansur
VP Customer Success at Verbit.ai

Our CSMs co-organize with marketing customer forums and events, whether it be webinars, thought leadership, zooming in on a particular problem, or education on the future of vertical. Those are externally valuable.