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Nailing down CS & Product collaboration 

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Learn practical methods to foster a strong relationship between Customer Success & Product

In a good CS/product relationship, qualitative feedback, feature requests, and emotional reactions to the roadmap find their way to the product team to help inform their strategies. This relationship empowers CS teams to leverage product managers’ knowledge and expertise to maximize customer ROI.

During the webinar we'll discuss: 
  • purple_bulletWhat are the key challenges that B2B SaaS companies face as it relates to CS<> Product relationship?
  • purple_bulletWhich processes should CS leaders incorporate to create an effective collaboration between CS and Product
  • purple_bulletHow can that relationship be measured?
  • blue_bulletWhat daily activities do top companies implement to make sure the two teams work well together?

This is a great opportunity to learn directly from the pros and take your own customer success strategy to the next level.