Secrets to Extraordinary Customer Onboarding!


What secrets do we tell?

  • starHow to build high-touch success programs at scale
  • starThe secret sauce for aligning the entire organization with your success goals
  • starWhat concentrating on your desired outcome REALLY means

Learn from top industry leaders

Christina Cronin
"Getting 100% alignment with your go-to-market teams is your top priority, from how you market, sell, and the way you implement and drive health with customers. If you have that, onboarding becomes extraordinary."

Teresa Anania
"No matter what, even the smallest of companies should try to personalize the onboarding experienceas much as possible, based on the use case, industry, persona. If you want that to work, you need to leverage digital and ask for fedback regularly."

Ziv Peled
"When you get to a solution like AppsFlyer with so many different value propositions, having the CSM start the conversation when he's already very much aware of that customer's objective makes all the difference."

Steve Sanchez
"You can view attention to detail as creating a good first impression, but I think it is more than anything a microcosm of what the customer should expect from the partnership, and it fosters trust early."

Asaff Zamir
"Time to value is one of the biggest challenges that CSMs need to deal with in this day and age. The more complex the product is, the longer duration for time to value."

Alex Farmer
"When you focus on the what, the how, and the moments of delight, you'll build an onboarding experience that matters.
It also helps define who's supposed to do what and when."