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Watch on-demand: How Spryker reduced time to value with a customer interface 

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Join us for an exciting webinar where we explore Spryker's remarkable achievements with the customer interface, resulting in an impressive 30% reduction in time-to-value. Along the way, Spryker introduced 5 new touch-points in the customer journey and saved up to 7 hours of the CS team's work time! Get ready to learn from our awesome experts, Pablo, the strategist with all the tricks up his sleeve, and Valentina, the hands-on manager making things happen for our customers.


Here's What You'll Discover:

yellow_bullet How to create a personalized and engaging onboarding experience for your low-touch pals.
yellow_bullet How to build an ongoing high-touch adventure using a customer interface that's as sophisticated as it is effective.
yellow_bullet How to unleash the power of mutual success plans with your customers – it's like teaming up for a win.
yellow_bullet How to effortlessly generate QBRs (that's Quarterly Business Reviews) from your interface content. It's all about working smarter!