Watch On-Demand: Transform talk into growth - How to ace customer conversation.

Josh Phillips

Director of Sales

Jessica Lauren Cohen 

Head of CS and Community

Every engagement is an opportunity to scale. 

Join Jessica Lauren Cohen, Head of CS and Community at UpdateAI, and Josh Phillips, Director of Sales at EverAfter, for a dynamic live session. They will unveil transformative strategies to elevate your customer conversations from routine interactions to powerful growth opportunities. Discover how every touchpoint can propel mutual advancement and learn the critical role of minimizing manual work to empower your team for strategic, high-impact engagements.

What you'll learn:

  • starHow can you transform your meeting strategies to forge stronger connections and drive impactful growth?
  • starWhat interactions and crucial data should you leverage to drive actionable insights?
  • starHow can you scale your interactions while ensuring every customer feels heard and valued?

This is a great opportunity to learn directly from the pros and take your own customer success strategy to the next level.

Speakers bio

jessicaJessica Lauren Cohen

A Customer Success professional with over 15 years of proven success in the design and implementation of strategic projects and process improvement in over 40 countries. Proactive champion of the customer journey, ensuring SaaS product & sales teams work together to meet customer expectations and needs. Currently working to replace blank screens with AI-generated draft content everywhere.

josh-1Josh Phillips

Director of Sales at EverAfter, where he specializes in addressing the needs and pain points of customer success teams. With a wealth of leadership experience in sales and SaaS products, Josh brings a unique perspective to his role at EverAfter. Prior to joining the team, Josh held leadership positions in sales at multiple companies such as,, and SysAid. With a proven track record of success in sales leadership, Josh is well-equipped to drive growth and success at EverAfter. His vast leadership experience in the industry makes him a valuable asset to the company and its customers.