Watch on-demand: Transform Your Content into Actionable Steps

schahr 1-1
Shachar Avrahami

VP Product & Strategy

Brendan Cahoon
Brendan Cahoon

Head of Customer Success

Even the best resources can leave customers feeling overwhelmed or unsure of their next steps.

Join Brendan Cahoon from Walnut and Shachar Avrahami from EverAfter in a live session that will guide you on how to make your content not just informative, but actionable. 

This webinar is all about enhancing your content's effectiveness, ensuring that every piece of information you provide motivates your customers to move forward in a way that aligns with your desired outcomes.

What you'll learn:

  • starCrafting clear and actionable content: Discover how to curate your content so it's straightforward and prompts immediate action.
  • starMotivating customer action: Find out how to turn your content into a catalyst for proactive customer behavior, leading to improved experiences and outcomes.
  • starSimplifying the complex: Learn techniques to distill complex information into engaging, easy-to-follow actions for your customers.
  • starTailoring content for impact: Explore ways to personalize your content delivery to meet each customer's needs, facilitating their journey and your business growth.

This is a great opportunity to learn directly from the pros and take your own customer success strategy to the next level.

Speakers bio

image-png-Mar-06-2024-01-27-10-9606-PMBrendan Cahoon

A SaaS GTM leader with experience across the buyer and customer journey. 15+ years experience supporting and selling high-tech SaaS solutions that solve complex problems for the world’s largest financial asset managers & technology companies. Currently leading the Customer Success Management team at Walnut, a demo experience platform that is disrupting the SaaS sales process.

image-png-Mar-06-2024-01-41-18-1584-PMShachar Avrahami

Shachar is the VP Product & Strategy at EverAfter. Shachar's elaborate background in product management & revenue operations spans from his work as Verbit's Director of Revenue Operations, to Head of Success Operations at Feedvisor.